SmedSpeed XS650



2018 CARBS sale

MIKUNI Flat Slide TM34 or TM32 carbs (a pair) with a set of Smedspeed long manifolds is £350. (whilst stocks last)

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Yamaha XS1 engine for sale.............. S650-000986

1970 XS1 crankcases.... Kickstart only. 
277 degree rephased 750 cc. 
Westwood cast iron cylinder liners 80mm
Wiseco 256 type pistons, ceramic coated crowns
NOS con-rods Genuine Yamaha (256) big end bearings and pins.
All new main bearings (4) (genuine Yamaha) NOS
Polished crank-shaft
7 plate clutch, bead blasted steel plates
Socket head clutch spring retaining screws
Hard anodised pressure plate
New clutch basket (genuine Yamaha) NOS
New clutch drum (genuine Yamaha) NOS
Bead blasted cases, head rocker box, crank cases
Yamaha XV750 valves (4) + 2mm oversize
Ported head, 5 angle valve seats. “D” shaped ex port 
Trojan bronze valve guides
Tsubaki cam chain
New cam chain front blade, genuine Yamaha 
Cam chain bottom guide genuine Yamaha (NOS)
277 Rephased cam EN40B billet steel Shell #1 pattern
New cam bearings (4) FAG.
New tappet adjusters screw driver slotted head
R&D silicon wire valve springs
Re-chromed oil fed pipe, and head nuts.
Heiden 277 ignition

No exchange required.........£3375. The engine has been designed and built to have a nice broad power-band, lots of bottom end and mid range power, and easy to Kickstart as it has 8.9:1 compression ratio.

This engine was originally bought from Bob an old friend of Tony Hall (HALCO).  He acquired a lot of Halco’s stock when Tony died. I bought it in 2009 as I already had quite a lot of NOS parts for it.

1970 (Kickstart only) 750cc 277 degree rephased engine. I built this engine for my own use, and used a lot of NOS parts which I had bought during the years I have been building XS650 engines. It is new never run. I own two XS650 and two new engines for each; I will never wear them out so I thought I would sell this one.

Bead blasted crank cases, cylinder, head and rocker cover, cam caps, and tappet covers. 
Ported and polished, welded and “D shaped” exhaust port.
Smedspeed inlet manifolds.
New (NOS) clutch basket, new (NOS) clutch drum. Vesconite blocks and uprated springs, anodised pressure plate, socket head clutch spring retainers.
New seals and gaskets.
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Updated 07/03/2018

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These are experimental parts intended for racing and as such no warranty is given or implied. If you decide to buy it is on the understanding that you assume complete responsibility for any possible injury, loss or damage that may occur as a result of using these parts and that you accept these conditions of sale prior to purchase.